The US military spoke about the mystical “Pais effect”

(ORDO NEWS) — Earlier we wrote that information appeared on the network about strange experiments conducted by the aviation department of the United States Naval Aviation Center (NAWCAD) – one of the main centers for military research and development.

Recall that the tests were needed to test the basic concepts and technologies of engineer Salvatore Cesar Pais. He believed that with the help of his devices (a mysterious generator of an electromagnetic field, for example), he would be able to turn matter into plasma, and then create incredibly powerful energy fields that could be used in energy, quantum communications and the military sphere.

A NAWCAD spokesman confirmed that the military was studying the so-called “Pais effect” and clarified the accuracy of some of the data. According to new information:

  • The high energy electromagnetic field generator was tested from October 2016 to September 2019.
  • Over three years, 508,000 dollars were spent on experiments. Almost the entire amount – $ 462,000 – went to payments to test participants (as salary), and the rest was used to purchase equipment, test and evaluate technologies.
  • At the time of completion of the tests, NAWCAD had failed to prove the veracity of the Pais effect.

According to The Drive, a team of at least 10 NAWCAD technicians and engineers was responsible for conducting the tests.


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