The truth about the origin of coronavirus became known

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Together, Chinese and Australian experts were able to find out where the coronavirus came from. To this day, many believe that it was developed in the laboratory, but the results of the study suggest the opposite.

As stated by scientists in the publication Current Biology, in bats managed to find elements that are characteristic of the new strain SARS-CoV-2. This means that the virus really migrated to the human body from bats. The origin of coronavirus is natural and is not someone else’s evil intent.

A virus was discovered in bats, which is a “relative” of Covid-19. So, certain parts of the genome have characteristic amino acid inserts that are relevant for SARS-CoV-2.

A certain part of the genome contains amino acid inclusions at the meeting point of several S-protein subunits – S1 and S2. It is these components that are responsible for the presence of spikes in the virus found in bats that help it attach to the cells.

These inserts are characteristic of coronavirus. It is important to note that the inserts have some differences. This is evidence that the development of the virus took place under the influence of various factors.

A detected virus called RmYN02 is not a precursor to coronavirus. These are two different strains that have gained common properties during evolution.

Earlier, some experts believed that inserts S1 and S2 are too unusual to be natural. Research has shown that evolution may well do the same. All versions of laboratory intervention can be discarded, said Weifen Shi of the Institute of Pathogen Biology at Shandong First Medical University.

The structure of Covid-19 is most similar to another virus – RaTG13, which was found in bats from Yunnan (China).


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