The time when the patient with coronavirus is most dangerous

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese researchers have been able to establish when a person infected with a coronavirus is the most dangerous to those around them. They noted that this period occurs 2-3 days after the patient begins to show the very first signs of the presence of the virus in the body.

This is reported by Medical News Today.

A similar conclusion was made by scientists after they conducted a very large-scale experiment in Zhejiang province for six months. The experts observed how the disease progressed among the local population. They noted the fact that in most cases, coronavirus infection from a previously infected person occurs on the second third day after the onset of symptoms.

In the course of the study, a thorough analysis of data obtained from 730 patients was carried out. In addition, more than nine thousand people who were in contact with patients were tracked. Scientists closely monitored the condition of these people for at least three months after the contact occurred, in order to be completely sure that the symptoms did not begin to appear slightly later than usual.

Also, an interesting point in this study was that no symptoms of coronavirus occurred in those people who contracted from asymptomatic patients.


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