The thoughts that come to mind before death

(ORDO NEWS) — People who are one step away from death begin to think about various things, but almost never about death itself. Users of the Reddit portal, who miraculously survived, told about their experiences in the most terrible moments.

Many noted that consciousness before leaving to another world works like a clock. People did not see the lights and tunnels during explosions or accidents: they only recorded everything that was happening around. So, for example, one user thought it would look ridiculous without eyebrows when a grenade exploded right next to him at work.

There were many who began to remember their relatives. They were reassured by the fact that there are close people who will be there in the last minutes.

A man who suffered from a stroke asked his brother to take a photo before a coma. The man wanted to know how bad he looked. As it turned out, the appearance was really terrible. The patient regained consciousness only a month later.

Thus, dying people do not think for a minute about death itself. They analyze absolutely everything until the last breath. Sometimes the thoughts creeping in are absurd and not entirely appropriate.


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