The thief did the laundry at the house of the victims and was caught by the police

(ORDO NEWS) — In one of the English cities, located in South Yorkshire, a thief was caught because he decided to wash dirty clothes. He did this in the house of his victims, whom he had previously robbed, but did not have time to take things out of the washing machine.

This is reported by Metro.

Terry Hatley from Sheffield broke into his neighbors’ house last spring. Its owners at that time were not at home, because due to the spread of the coronavirus, many were on self-isolation. Hatley found a laptop in the house, as well as some of the family’s documents. After all the rooms were examined, the thief decided to wash his dirty clothes at the same time. He threw them into the washing machine, but was forced to leave the house immediately, because something scared him away.

The owners immediately after returning from self-isolation appealed to the authorities. The police found Hatley on the DNA traces that remained on the dirty things from the washing machine. Due to this, experts also established that he robbed another house several months after the first incident. In it, a loser thief broke a cupboard containing a variety of medicines.

During the trial, the offender fully admitted his guilt and was sent to prison for a year to serve his sentence.


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