The temperature that the human body can withstand

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(ORDO NEWS) — Due to the fact that the climate is changing too quickly, there is a noticeable increase in air temperature around the world. Extreme heat can be extremely dangerous and even cause death.

The human body is considered to be quite hardy, but still there are certain indicators that it cannot cope with. Experts conducted a study and established the maximum temperature that the human body can handle. It is reported by Live Science.

If you believe the results obtained, then the temperature is 35 degrees. It is worth noting that during the study, a wet thermometer was used, which takes into account not only the temperature, but also the humidity indicator.

Wet bulb thermometer readings are slightly different from usual. Colin Raymond noted that when the humidity and temperature are high enough, it can be very dangerous for humans.

People cannot live in conditions where there is a very high indicator of humidity and air temperature. This can be explained by the fact that the human body ceases to regulate its internal temperature in this case.

If a wet thermometer shows a temperature of more than 40 degrees, then in this case the person will be in a certain hyperthermic state. In addition, a sharp increase in body temperature will occur, because sweating will be present, but the body will lose the ability to cool itself.

This will cause a rapid heartbeat, then sweat ceases to be released, severe weakness appears, and as a result, the person falls into a coma.

If the temperature of the wet bulb is 35 degrees, then it will not provoke a quick death. In this case, it will take about three hours. At the same time, experts are not able to establish accurate temperature indicators and today they range from 34 to 36.5 degrees.


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