The surgeon “burned” his initials on the liver of patients

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2013, Simon Brumhall worked at the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation, then, using an argon beam apparatus, he painted his initials on the liver of two of his patients, one of whom developed complications a week after the operation.

Brumhall’s initials were discovered after another doctor performed the operation.

The Tribunal Office for Medical Practitioners called the act “a manifestation of professional arrogance,” adding that Simon “broke” trust between patients and doctors, after which the name of Brumhall was removed from the register of doctors.

During the hearing, it emerged that Brumhall’s actions caused “significant emotional damage” to one of the patients, although it did not cause any “lasting physical harm.”

The BBC also reported that he was suspended from his profession for at least five months.


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