The sun is in the “solar minimum” phase: what will happen?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists inform that the phase of the “solar minimum” has begun on the luminary, and deep. Astronomers do not observe flares and spots on the Sun, which may soon cause a drop in temperature and subsequent loss of crop. In addition, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are not ruled out.

The activity of the Sun has sharply decreased; today its level is one of the lowest. Astronomer Tony Phillips noted that today we are already in the deep stages of a solar minimum. The magnetic field of the star has weakened, as a result of which cosmic rays easily pass through it.

These rays negatively affect astronauts and residents of the northern latitudes of the Earth. Cosmic rays have a negative effect on the upper atmosphere of our planet, they are able to provoke electric discharges.

NASA is afraid of a recurrence of the Dalton event, when the Sun was also in “deep sleep.” In the past, between 1790 and 1830 there was a significant cooling. People in some territories lost their crops, they experienced hunger. It is worth noting that the temperature then fell by 2 ° C.

During the Dalton minimum, volcanoes began to erupt sharply. So, on April 10, 1815, for the first time in 2,000 years, a volcano on Mount Tambora (Indonesia) became active. Killed about 71 thousand people. The volcano became the reason that it began to snow in July.

This year, our luminary 76% of the time is spotless. Last year, spots were absent 77% of the time. We hope that nothing bad will happen and people will not suffer from another misfortune.


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