The Sun has the most powerful flare in four years

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(ORDO NEWS) — On July 3, experts recorded a flare on the Sun. It turned out to be the largest in the last 4 years.

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The flare was formed by a sunspot called AR2838. This event was classified as X1. As a result of what happened on Earth, radio communication was disconnected for some time, which demonstrates the power of this flash.

The event was recorded using a special space device Solar Dynamics Observatory NASA. It is he who is used in order to observe the sunny weather and notice all changes as quickly as possible. An image was received from the device, which shows a huge flare erupting on the Sun.

X-class solar flares are considered to be the strongest. If they are directed towards our planet, then this can cause a threat to the life of astronauts, who at this moment are in Earth’s orbit. In addition, powerful flares negatively affect the operation of satellites and can even provoke interference to electrical grids on the planet. Weaker M-class flares do not have such a noticeable effect and only make the auroras more intense.

The spot AR2838 is a new active region on the Sun. Scientists noted that at the moment the stain has already disappeared. Now, for two weeks, it will cross the other side of the star.


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