The sun has entered a new cycle of activity how it threatens

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers have announced the beginning of the 25th solar cycle, when the activity of the star increases. Our main star remained inactive for several years, but soon everything will change.

What does increased activity promise? Firstly, more spots will form on the Sun, and this is fraught with plasma emissions and, as a result, frequent magnetic storms on Earth. Secondly, the star will start to heat up more. The weather in outer space will change dramatically.

Peak activity of the star is expected in 2025. The 25th cycle, according to scientists, will be similar to the past. This means that there will be no crazy solar activity. The head of the ESA Space Weather Office, Juha-Pekka Luntama, noted that mild to moderate solar storms will become frequent. Also, it will not do without powerful coronal mass ejections. Moreover, the power does not depend on the size of the spots on the sun or their number.

Hunters for aurora borealis will be pleased, because such phenomena will not only increase, but their intensity will also increase. True, there are problems behind the beautiful picture: during magnetic storms, terrestrial systems fail, including electrical networks, navigators, satellites, etc.

The sun has its own poles, which tend to change places. The South Pole replaces the North Pole every 11 years. 11 years is just a solar cycle. In the process of the coup, there is a peak in the activity of the star, and then years of calm begin. In the near future, astronomers will definitely not be bored: they will be keen on tracking the state of our star.


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