The sun could push the asteroid Apophis to collide with the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists are currently reviewing the chances of the 340-meter asteroid Apophis hitting Earth. So, according to the latest data, under the influence of the Sun, the body changes its flight trajectory, therefore it may well approach our planet.

The closest approach of an asteroid can happen in 2068, the probability of falling is determined as low. However, the circumstances and external factors that influence the behavior of Apophis can change at any time. The sun heats up the asteroid unevenly, which is why the object emits heat energy asymmetrically. As a result, there can be acceleration in a certain direction. This effect is called Yarkovsky acceleration.

Previously, astronomers ignored the influence of the Sun on the movement of the body, so the chances of a collision (1 in 150,000), one might say, were calculated incorrectly. New conclusions will be presented very soon.

It is now known that the deviation from the initial flight trajectory is 170 meters per year, said David Tholen of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Radiated heat does not in fact affect Apophis much, but in the future, the intensity of thermal radiation may increase.

Astroid was first seen in 2004. Then astronomers were sure that they had enough information about the body. They completely ruled out the fall of Apophis to Earth in 2068. Today, new factors have emerged that can play a decisive role in the safety of the world’s inhabitants.

The body will approach the Earth in 2029: it can be seen even with the naked eye. Scientists will be able to study it in more detail using modern telescopes. Then it will become clear whether it is worth fearing a possible fall.


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