The student washed her hair and became deaf forever

(ORDO NEWS) — The student used a new shampoo and became deaf forever. The relevant material is published by The Sun.

After washing her hair, 21-year-old Loreen Schütte suffered from ear pain for several months, but doctors ignored her complaints. “During all my visits, the doctors did not care. None of them was interested in helping me, “the girl shared. In the end, she said, one of the experts suggested that the cause of the problem was the wrong shampoo.

In October 2019, the girl woke up in agony and was taken to the hospital. There she was told that she had become deaf in her left ear. She then had to install a hearing aid, and after a while it became difficult for her to hear with her right ear, meaning another may be needed in the future.

While there are many good options (like those seen here: for hearing aids these days, the fact that this happened so suddenly is very strange.

Schütte has not yet been given the exact cause of the hearing loss. “I lost my hearing overnight, and clinics just keep canceling my appointments while I’m completely in the dark,” said the victim.

Her appointment with a specialist was postponed four times due to the coronavirus pandemic: now the girl must visit a doctor in January 2021, 15 months after she lost her hearing.

By now, the student has learned to read lips. However, this skill turned out to be meaningless, since masks must be worn in public places.

In October, the girl got pierced, almost lost her ear and was left with deformation. 19-year-old student Stell Blezard pierced her cartilage and discovered that she had developed inflammation a few hours after the procedure. The doctors decided to carry out an emergency operation, as a dangerous infection got into the puncture site.


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