The story of how cats passed through walls

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(ORDO NEWS) — In one of the apartments in Tolyatti, cats moved to the street in a very unusual way, causing bewilderment of their owners.

This story happened several years ago in Tolyatti, in the most ordinary family of three, in the most ordinary apartment.

It all started with the fact that the residents of one of the apartments began to complain about the noise of unknown origin and the abnormal movement of objects in the rooms. Togliatti experts could not find a logical explanation for everything that was happening. All that remained was to take everything as it was and to thank God for the fact that the poltergeist phenomena were short-term and did not cause harm.

Once there was a strange situation. The mother of the family was ironing. Turning around, she saw a huge black cat sitting on the closet. The first thought that came to mind: “The animal entered the room through a window or balcony door.” But all the doors and windows in the house were closed. The inexplicable appearance of the cat in the house shocked the woman. She tried to catch the animal in order to send it to the street. In the moment of chasing the cat, the woman saw him whisking into a niche located in the wall. The niche was deaf and had no holes. It contained only a package of tiles and was waiting in the wings for repairs. The cat jumped there. But a miracle, in this niche a woman did not find anyone and nothing but tiles. The cat disappeared as unexpectedly as it appeared.

After some time, the master cat repeated the exact same trick with the disappearance. By the way, the family had 2 pets – a cat and her little kitten.

And then, one evening, the cat jumped into a niche and disappeared. And after 40 minutes she was back at home, as if nothing had happened.

The head of the family felt all the unusual situations. He saw very well how the cat went into the niche of the wall, with a dull floor and walls. But after a couple of minutes their favorite was already riding in the grass on the street. The strangest thing was that the windows and doors were tightly closed. And the cat seemed to have passed through the wall.

After a couple of months, this little kitty also made this unusual path. Frightened by the next inexplicable noisy “outrage” of the poltergeist, he tried to find refuge in this very niche. But just a few minutes later the owners heard his heart-rending scream under the balcony. The fact that the kitten jumped into a niche was seen by his son. And the fact that the kitten was under the balcony, subject to closed doors, was seen by all households.

There was only one explanation for what was happening – the house had some kind of spatial transition from room to street, and the animals knew about it.

Researchers of paranormal phenomena know that in places where poltergeist activization is observed, things and animals often disappear, and then reappear. Perhaps in such places there are interdimensional portals? But the exact answer to this question, unfortunately, does not yet exist.


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