The star Gliese-720 is approaching the solar system

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers spoke about the mortal danger posed to mankind by the star Gliese-720. It is moving towards the Earth and can destroy all life on the planet if people do not find a way to influence the situation.

Vladimir Surdin, a senior researcher at the State Astronomical Institute named after P. K. Sternberg, spoke about the danger. He stated that scientists have been following Gliese-720 for a long time.

During this period, numerous calculations of the motion of the star were made and all possible scenarios were considered. As a result, experts came to the conclusion that the object will enter the solar system anyway and destroy life on Earth.

Gliese-720 is a red dwarf, which is one of the smallest stars in the Universe discovered at the moment, and is less than 2 times the size of the Sun. However, it is still thousands of times larger than the Earth.

The appearance of such a large object in the solar system does not bode well. It has already been established that the star will affect only its outskirts, but still fall into the Oort cloud.

It consists of thousands of asteroids. The gravity of an extraneous star will change their orbit, space bodies will begin to scatter in different directions.

All planets will be bombarded on a massive scale. An asteroid with a diameter of 60 meters can destroy a city like Moscow, but there are many objects in the belt whose radius is measured in kilometers.

Vladimir Surdin stated that a truly mortal danger hung over humanity, but specified that the event he described would take place in 1,400 years. It is possible that by that time people will have reached a high level of technical development and will have learned to change the trajectory or destroy space bodies flying towards the Earth.


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