The solar wind is strangely drawn towards the North Pole of the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — The best manifestation of the magnetic field of our planet can be called the southern and northern lights. After charged particles of the solar wind collide with a magnetic field, they become the cause of an incredible phenomenon, from which it is impossible to look away, reports the Universe Today.

For a long time, experts believed that charged particles hit the poles in the same amount. But a recent study showed that there are many more such particles at the North Pole. But experts cannot give an exact answer why this is happening until today.

Ivan Pakhotin stated that the south magnetic pole is located much farther from the planet’s axis of rotation than the north one. This can affect how electromagnetic waves are reflected. Accordingly, because of this, there may also be differences in the interaction of the poles with the solar wind.

In addition, some experts argue that a different chemical composition of the atmosphere can affect, which affects not only the climate of the planet, but can also manifest itself in the noted difference between the two types of auroras.


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