The solar system contains a planet-sized asteroid

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2008, NASA was able to recognize in time a four-meter threat in the form of a meteorite, which “landed” in Sudan. The weight of the object was 8.2 thousand kg, scientists have collected samples for detailed study.

The 50 mg AhS element was examined under a microscope and it was concluded that it has a unique mineral composition. The structure of the meteorite contained a special set of minerals, the formation of which is possible only under intermediate temperature and pressure conditions. So, the temperature environment should have been higher than in an ordinary asteroid, but lower than in the planet.

About 4.6% of the space debris that fell to Earth consisted of carbonaceous chondrite. Black stones contained organic compounds, various minerals and water. According to the researchers, due to the mineral composition, it is possible to find out the features of the “parent asteroid” from which the objects broke away.

AhS could separate from an enormous asteroid. Perhaps its dimensions are similar to the dwarf planet Ceres (473 km in radius). If such an object actually exists, then it is the largest in the asteroid belt.


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