The solar system can be visited by up to seven alien ships a year

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers are confident that objects similar to Oumuamua often enter our solar system. Each year, about seven different objects can fly.

In 2017, experts recorded an interstellar object in the solar system, which was named Oumuamua. Two years later, the first ever interstellar comet Borisov appeared.

Experts note that they were not able to study these objects well enough, because they were noticed already when they left the solar system.

Professor Avi Loeb even suggested that Oumuamua might be some kind of alien technology, but most scientists have denied this assumption.

Despite the fact that this is not an alien technology, the object itself is quite interesting. That is why experts decided to check how many interstellar objects can enter the solar system in a year. According to preliminary results, their number may reach seven.

In the future, in order to fix interstellar objects in time, or at least some of them, Vera Rubin’s observatory will be involved. If objects are discovered before they leave the solar system, then spaceships may even be sent to them.


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