The slowest earthquake in the world lasted over 30 years

(ORDO NEWS) — Not only the longest, but also one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded was on about. Sumatra in Indonesia. They usually last from a few seconds to several minutes. But scientists from Singapore were able to detect an earthquake that lasted for 32 years!

Reported by New Atlas.

An earthquake is a collision of tectonic plates. They come in different strengths and powers. Most often, these shifts occur suddenly. Vibrations can be subtle, subtle, or overwhelming. Sometimes, which happens in rare cases, the plates move so slowly that this process is virtually imperceptible.

Super slow earthquakes last several weeks on average. But this incident broke all possible records. Thanks to scientists from Nanyang University of Technology, the whole world now knows about such amazing wonders of nature. It began in 1861 and lasted until 1893.

While studying ancient coral structures (microatolls) off the coast of Sumatra, scientists have discovered signs of seismic activity. This is because micro Atolls have been submerging abnormally quickly in water for more than thirty years. It all ended with an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.5 points. Then the catastrophe claimed thousands of lives of the islanders.

Nowadays, modern technologies allow more thorough monitoring of seismic activity. This makes it possible to notify the population in time and carry out the evacuation.


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