The Simpsons discovered a prophecy about a new strain of coronavirus “Omicron”

(ORDO NEWS) — In fact, the passage about aliens from the planet Omicron Perseus 8, in which cartoon fans saw the prophecy, is taken from Futurama – but this does not change the essence.

Fans of the animated series The Simpsons claim that a new strain of the coronavirus, omicron, was predicted in it a few years ago. The first to announce this was a certain Reddit user, who edited fragments from TV news with a scene from the cartoon – where aliens arrive and announce that they have arrived from the planet Omicron Perseus 8.

Of course, this could well have been in The Simpsons: fans of this series have more than once found in it “predictions” almost at the level of Nostradamus. But now they were simply deceived: in fact, the clip distributed on social networks is an episode of Futurama by Matt Groening, one of the authors of The Simpsons.

One of the users commented on the video: “The creator of The Simpsons did it again” – meaning that Groening allegedly predicted the appearance of the “omicron”. Another user got a little confused and decided that the “prediction” footage was borrowed from The Simpsons. He reposted this “revelation” on his page – and there it went.

“I’m already beginning to think that those who steer events get their ideas from The Simpsons. Or “The Simpsons” influenced our subconscious so much, ”jokes from fans of the animated series rained down.

The Western media even published several articles, the authors of which tried to explain to the hyped cartoon fans that the name of the omicron strain was borrowed not from The Simpsons or Futurama, but from the Greek alphabet. The decision was taken by the World Health Organization, which decided to use Greek letters for “ease of perception by the public.”

However, fans of “The Simpsons” can be understood: it is not the first time that they find mysterious prophecies in the frames of their favorite cartoon. The series is believed to have predicted the September 11, 2001 attacks, Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election, and the appearance of the Apple Watch (20 years before it went on sale). And that’s not to mention such “little things” as the fuel crisis in the UK in September 2021 and the space flight of billionaire Richard Branson.

In one of the episodes for 2010, Homer Simpson filled the entire trunk of his car with cans of gasoline. There was a promotion at the gas station: cute toys were sold to active customers at a discounted price. Homer’s daughter Lisa, by all means, wanted to get one of these toys, so the loving dad had to buy almost all the gasoline. Of course, in Britain the fuel shortage arose for completely different reasons, but the association is obvious.

However, not only Simpsons fans believe in the prophecies. For example, it is widely believed that the Indian oracle boy Abegha Anand predicted the entire coronavirus pandemic as a whole. He maintains a video blog on YouTube and shares mysterious prophecies in small videos. Numerous users who sincerely believe in the otherworldly gift of a teenager are convinced that in one of these videos, Abegha predicted a worldwide disaster (pandemic) and the death of millions of people.

The video in question appeared about a year before the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Then Anand recorded several more videos on the same topic – in particular, he advised people to go through difficult times in the village and “drink rain water” (apparently, the boy hinted that the infection could spread through water supply systems), master the receipt of energy through solar panels, and others. autonomous technologies, but the main thing is to believe in God and pray.


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