The silhouette of an angel in the photo taken during the fire

(ORDO NEWS) — Someone decided to capture the firefighters during their rescue operations. What a surprise it was when the silhouette of an angel was noticed in the picture, moreover, quite clear.

The incident took place in Poland. Firefighters answered the call. While doing their duty, they were photographed. We can absolutely say that both netizens and the firefighters themselves were surprised.

A fire engulfed one of the Polish houses. The rescuers, when they were working, did not even notice that someone was hovering over them. Perhaps the silhouette was actually an angel who helped cope with the tragedy. The entity seemed to cover the firefighters with its wings.

The silhouette of an angel in the photo taken during the fire 2

Who took the photo is a mystery. During a small investigation, it turned out that it was not the police. Netizens are sure that the picture shows a guardian angel. True, not everyone shares such a fantastic conclusion. Some people think that it is just a cloud or smoke.

The snapshot itself was posted on Twitter. The discussion of the strange photo continues.


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