The signs of the zodiac, which health can fail in March

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(ORDO NEWS) — Ariana Arturovna, a famous Ukrainian astrologer, shared a new forecast for March 2021. She noted four signs of the zodiac, which should be especially closely monitored for their health.

Gemini . Some difficulties may appear in the second half of the month. It is important to dress for the weather and to strengthen your immune system. In case of relapses of any diseases, there is no need to postpone the visit to the doctor.

Virgo . Representatives of this sign may face mild ailments and viral infections. It will not be difficult to overcome the problems, the main thing is to observe the daily regimen, take vitamins and get enough sleep.

Capricorn . Colds and inflammation are not excluded. The stars talk about possible surgical intervention, for example, to remove appendicitis.

Aquarius . The state of health will not be the best in the first and third decades of March. You should not self-medicate, it is important to see a doctor and follow his advice. You need to drive the vehicle as carefully as possible and follow safety precautions.


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