The significance of decoding the coronavirus genome

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Olga Karpova, doctor of biological sciences, professor, head of the department of virology at the biological faculty of Moscow State University, said that she does not trace a clear connection between the isolation of the coronavirus genome and the acceleration of the development of a vaccine against it.

Karpova previously told RIA Novosti that the prototype vaccine for the new coronavirus can be ready within three months, but not the vaccine itself, it will take more time to finalize it.

She noted that information about the coronavirus genome is very important because it can mutate very quickly, it is important to find out which virus with which genome circulates in the Russian Federation.

“It may affect, but I still do not directly trace a clear connection,” Karpova told RIA, answering the question of whether the isolation of the coronavirus genome will accelerate work on the vaccine or its prototype.

She added that the Department of Virology at Moscow State University, which is working on a prototype of the coronavirus vaccine using a unique technology based on plant diseases, did not receive grants for this work.


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