The ship Go Searcher SpaceX, training to save the Dragon capsule, rescued a sinking boat

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In preparation for the first launch of astronauts into space off the coast of Florida in almost ten years, the SpaceX crew on the Go Searcher spacecraft and crew conducted several exercises on Friday when they rescued a spacecraft splashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Information came from officials from Cape Canaveral and the US Coast Guard.

The spacecraft will land in the Atlantic after returning from space or in the event of termination of launch.

The Go Searcher was practicing rescue of the Dragon capsule when his crew helped pull a man out of the water at about one in the afternoon. According to the US Coast Guard, “Jacksonville Sector received an emergency phone call at 11:20 from an idle 8-meter boat, reporting that the boat was carried away by the stream while cleaning up the pollution from the berth posts.”

Port Canaveral Coast Guard Station and Brevard County Sheriff’s Office searched for this man along with Go Searcher.

Go Searcher and his crew rescued the 54-year-old man and transferred him to the Canaveral Port Coast Guard boat. According to the coast guard, the man was wearing a life jacket and was in good condition.

SpaceX has several boats that they use to catch spacecraft and rocketry at sea, including two autonomous barges that they use to land rocket boosters, and another with a giant net designed to catch the Falcon 9 rocket fairing. SpaceX lands its launch vehicles at sea or on land after most launches, and then launches them again.

A private space company may go down in history on May 27, 2020, when it launches two NASA astronauts in a capsule for the Dragon crew from the Kennedy Space Center, which will be the first launch of American astronauts from American land since 2011.


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