The senior level of US military has repeatedly changed its mind. Will the soldiers with “ill-carried carriers” withdraw?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The day before, the US Secretary of Defense also insisted that the aircraft carrier “Roosevelt” had not yet reached the point of evacuating personnel; on April 1, the acting Secretary of the Navy announced that it would evacuate about 2,700 soldiers.

Within a day, the top level of the US military repeatedly changed its voice. What happened to the “Roosevelt”? What kind of impact will the two aircraft carriers “lie in the nest” in the Asia-Pacific region?

Soldiers dissatisfied with Guam isolation facility.

Tent hospital is still under discussion.

According to US media reports, more than 200 people have been diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia on the USS Roosevelt aircraft carrier currently docked in Guam, but the US military has not confirmed this news.

On April 1, local time, acting US Navy Secretary Thomas Modi stated that the US Navy plans to evacuate approximately 2,700 soldiers from the “Roosevelt” in recent days.

Modi said that the “Roosevelt” had a total of about 4,800 soldiers. At present, about 1,000 people have been evacuated to undergo quarantine inspection in Guam, but at least 1100 people need to be retained to maintain the basic operation of the “Roosevelt”.

Sailors say infection is only a matter of time.

On April 1, local time, the Governor of Guam, Lu Le Guerrero, said that the soldiers who tested negative for the new coronavirus on the “Roosevelt” will be allowed to disembark and be quarantined in the hotel room of Guam for 14 days and undergo medical examination.

However, the sailors who had disembarked for isolation expressed dissatisfaction with Guam ’s isolation. A sailor told CNN that they were transferred to a temporary remodeled dormitory in the stadium. He said that some people coughed and had a fever and subsequently tested positive. Other crew members who did not have any symptoms were later tested positive.

The sailor said that there was not enough space in the gymnasium to maintain a “social distance” and that there was no suitable cleaning supplies for disinfection. He said: “According to the current situation, more people will be infected with the virus. Not whether it will be infected, but when it will be infected.”

The US Navy will establish a “tent-style” medical place.

The US Navy is studying the establishment of temporary “tent-style” medical facilities to receive diagnosed patients, and will add 40 medical experts from the Marine Corps in recent days.

According to local media reports, only about 1,000 navies on the “Roosevelt” have been tested for new coronavirus, and another 3,000 navies have not yet been tested.

Roosevelt aircraft carrier crew members tested negative and can disembark.

The aircraft carrier captain wrote a letter for help.

Navy wants to track down leakers.

Earlier, Captain Brett Croze of the USS Roosevelt sent a letter to the US Department of Defense for help. The letter stated that the outbreak was out of control and requested that most of the personnel on board be transferred to shore for isolation.

In this regard, U.S. Secretary of Defense Esper said in an interview on March 31 that he believes that he has not reached the point of evacuating personnel. Esper also stated that the current goal is to control the virus, and no personnel on board are seriously ill.

Regarding the aircraft carrier captain’s letter for assistance, Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modi said that he would consider pursuing the person who disclosed the letter to the media: “This violates order and disciplinary requirements, and he must be responsible for it. But I I don’t know who it is.”

Military expert analysis:

U.S. military enters aircraft carrier window in Asia Pacific.

The US Navy deployed the aircraft carrier “Roosevelt” and “Reagan” in the Asia-Pacific region with confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia. Two military experts analyzed:

US aircraft carrier has not completely lost its combat power.

Military expert Du Wenlong analyzed and believes that the presence of confirmed cases means that the two aircraft carriers will have more trouble in the future, but it does not mean that the aircraft carrier has completely lost its combat power.

Usually, the loss of combat capability is the loss of combat capability for one third of the personnel and weapons of a combat unit. However, in the face of a major epidemic situation, the advantages of aircraft carriers are difficult to play.

US military will face huge expenditures.

Military expert Song Xiaojun analyzed and believes that the US military aircraft carrier has an “empty window period” in the Asia-Pacific region.

At present, it is difficult to determine directly how the US military will choose between maintaining its combat power and ensuring the health of its soldiers. But what is certain is that the US attaches great importance to this issue, because once a large-scale infection occurs in combat operations, the US military will face huge expenditures.


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