The seller’s mistake brought the American one hundred thousand dollars

(ORDO NEWS) — A 43-year-old man from Maryland, USA, visited The Chicken Man on September 13 and decided to see if luck was on his side. He purchased the popular Powerball lottery ticket. The seller, probably, was in too much of a hurry and, therefore, gave the buyer two tickets at once by pressing the wrong button.

It is reported by UPI.

The man initially wanted to pick up only one ticket, but then he thought that he would take both and this decision turned out to be correct. The second ticket hid the prize, and after the lucky man wiped off the protective cover, he saw that he had won $ 100,000. The American did this without leaving the store and at first could not believe that he had managed to win the lottery. He noted that before he only read about people who manage to get huge amounts of money using lottery tickets, but he could not fully believe that this was not a hoax.

The winner was overjoyed and immediately called his wife using a video call. He immediately told her this incredible news. The American plans to spend the money won to acquire a huge and beautiful house, which his wife has dreamed of for more than one year.


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