The secret place where the UFO landed

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(ORDO NEWS) — A British resident went hiking in the woods near his home. He could not even think that he would find a place that would resemble the anomalous site shown in the “X-Files”.

Ben Landricombe, who lives in Plymouth, was at a camp near Maddon on 13 June. After dinner, he decided that he should go for a walk with his dog. At about 16:00, a man found a very strange place in the forest, which was littered with huge trees.

An interesting point was that the trees lay as if they were first bent to the ground and only then broke with the help of some simply incredible force. In addition, most of the trees lacked tops. Then Ben suggested that an unplanned UFO landing could have occurred in this place.

The man began to film what he saw on his phone and at the same time joked that he had the impression that someone was following him. Almost immediately after these words, he heard a loud cry of an unknown creature. It was more than enough for Ben and his dog to leave this strange place immediately. It was already creepy, but when screams and strange loud sounds appeared, the man became even more frightened.

In his video, Ben says that something has definitely fallen on the spot he found. A huge gap cannot just form in the middle of the forest, and the trees around it could not break on their own.

It is worth noting that the nature reserve located in the Meddona area is considered an excellent holiday destination for tourists. There is no tree felling here and every year the village is visited by a huge number of tourists. At the moment, local authorities are trying to figure out what exactly Ben filmed in the forest. At the same time, the man refused to return to the strange place again.


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