The secret of the star with “alien megastructures”

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have long suspected that structures of alien origin may be present on the star KIC 8462852 . In this case, we are talking about huge structures that could be built by aliens. In the end, experts were still able to find an explanation for the anomaly, reports arXiv.

Experts believe that KIC 8462852 may have a companion star, as a result of which its brightness decreases. It is worth noting that the Boyajian star was found back in 2015.

The yellow-white dwarf is located at a distance of about one and a half thousand light years from our planet. Regularly, the star becomes dimmer, but scientists have not been able to establish any pattern.

Astronomers ruled out the option that this is a planet, because no solid objects were found, and it takes more time to block the waves emanating from the object.

The anomaly can be explained by the presence of a dust cloud or some debris. Companion star Tabby could have triggered the cloud, as well as the strange behavior of the debris. Most likely, the companion is the red dwarf KIC 8462852.


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