The secret of the colony that disappeared on Roanoke Island is forever revealed

(ORDO NEWS) — The disappearance of the Roanoke Island colony was one of America’s greatest mysteries. So, in the period between 1587-1590, 150 colonists disappeared on the territory. For a long time, scientists could not understand what happened.

The First Colony Foundation has solved the mystery forever. So, after 430 years, traces of colonists were found on the island. Their camp was located on the coastline of the Albemarle Strait. Some of the people could stay there, and some would follow to Hatteras Island. On it, by the way, it also turned out to find traces of the British.

According to some information, the colonists were divided into more groups, rather than two. They successfully adapted to living in new lands and even interacted with the Indians. The island’s governor sailed to England to recruit tools and new settlers.

Unfortunately, the ship was attacked by the Spaniards, so the governor did not return until three years later. He found completely empty houses.

According to the theory, the inhabitants were overtaken by hunger, so they sought salvation on the continent. Where exactly they went is still a mystery. The version of the attack by the Indians was refuted.


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