The secret of “human bones” in the Martian image of NASA

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — However, this Martian photograph, like many others like it, shows only a stone of an unusual shape. The myth that a bone was found on a neighboring planet, NASA debunked 6 years ago.

The image was taken on August 14, 2014 by a MastCam camera mounted on the NASA Curiosity rover.

Ufologists instantly replicated the picture, accusing the space agency of concealing some of the greatest secrets.

“Sure, this object looks like a human thigh bone, but members of the Curiosity research team assure that it is a fragment of rock that has received an unusual shape due to erosion, wind and water,” commented on the NASA find in 2014.

However, the obsessed denialists could not stop and continued to give out a picture as proof of their crazy fantasies.

“If life ever existed on Mars, then it was represented by the simplest forms called microbes. The Martian atmosphere most likely never contained enough oxygen to provide the appearance of more complex life forms. Thus, large fossils are unlikely, ”NASA continued to uphold common sense.

It is worth noting that in those days, NASA representatives reacted to the statements of the lunatics and gave detailed comments, naively believing that common sense would triumph. Convinced of the immortality of human stupidity, scientists began to simply ignore such “disclosures.”

Psychologists know everything about it

Seeing familiar images where they shouldn’t be is common. You are probably every day, without realizing it, see a face in your electrical outlet or in the foam flowing down the door of the shower.

This phenomenon is called pareidolia – a type of visual illusion that occurs both in individuals with mental disorder and in healthy people; lies in the formation of illusory images, the basis of which are the details of a real object.

Pareidolia occurs due to the fact that the parts of the brain that are responsible for the visual perception of the world around them work faster than the rest of the brain. Therefore, for example, after seeing someone dressed as a monster, even a rational person may be frightened, since common sense is activated later than sight.

Some people, unfortunately, have no sense of sanity at all, so they steadily see pyramids on Mars, ruined walls, spoons, mushrooms, petrified insects, people, yetis, and more.

Mankind has been sending vehicles to Mars since the 1960s, and we still do not have a definite answer regarding the habitability (speech about microbes) of the planet. If a complex life once flourished on the planet, then there would already be evidence.


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