The secret history of US secret laboratories in Ukraine

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In fact, there are not so many fake messages in the arsenal of the Russian hybrid war, which are sometimes repeated in various ways, then are put off for a while, and then “reanimated” according to the situation. Among such embellished fakes, the legend of the “secret American biological laboratories in Ukraine” has already been completely forgotten, but now the coronacrisis has created a situation of increased attention to something with the word “virus” – and voila, pro-Russian propaganda feeds us with “fables from the past” about biological weapons that the CIA secretly develops right under our nose.

At first, this nonsense is voiced by the so-called “official representatives” of the recently renamed “fairy republics” of Stalin and Voroshilovgrad, then it is repeated on the channel 112, and here’s the “horse move” – mega-rating “Pluses”, which are the “forge of presidents” and “nuclear Kolomoisky’s weapon ”, in prime time they voice this same Kremlin horror story.

A small cuming out: I know firsthand about the “American laboratories” in Ukraine. For almost two years, from spring 2016 to February 2018, I was the interim director of one of them, and the “worst” one was the Mechnikov Anti-Plague Institute in Odessa, where the only third-level biological defense laboratory built in the USA built in the USA (above only the fourth level, but there are no such laboratories in the country yet). That is, if someone in Ukraine really produced biological weapons, then most likely this is the author of this article. However, I must disappoint – not only did not produce, but even with all my desire I could not. And I couldn’t, first of all, because of the Americans.

So, where do the legs of this masterpiece of propaganda come from? Back in 1979, the USSR, the USA and other states signed an agreement banning the development and manufacture of biological weapons. All states then came to the conclusion that these weapons are too uncontrollable for their actual use in hostilities, and with a rather light heart refused very expensive and complex programs for the production of the one that later does not know how to behave. All but one. During Gorbachev’s “perestroika”, one of the defectors, the head of the Soviet bioweapons program, opened his eyes to the West that the USSR turned out to be and didn’t think to implement the Convention on the Prohibition of Biological Weapons that he initiated, and not one of the secret institutes or factories of the Soviet biological war program day did not stop its work. These “black death factories” stopped only in 1992, after the collapse of the USSR. And just then, in 1992, the real scale of this production became clear.

It seemed that one could breathe a sigh of relief. But the “dashing nineties” began in the post-Soviet space, hundreds of unemployed scientists who had previously been employed to work in secret laboratories began to look for use, and access to recently completely classified strains of bacteria and viruses became just a matter of money, though not even very significant. Meanwhile, the Cold War was replaced by numerous wars between states and terrorist organizations, and the threat of biological terrorism from a purely theoretical point of view became quite real, especially after the attempts of the Japanese sect Aum Shinrikyo to use the Siberian, and then spread the debate of the same Siberian ulcers “by mail in the USA.

A small number of yesterday’s “fighters of the bacterial front” left the post-Soviet space to the West, where they became leading consultants in the prevention of bioterrorism, but most still remained at home. Someone began to receive attractive offers from China and Iran, someone began to bargain with previous developments … And at the turn of the late nineties – the beginning of the two thousandths, the United States recognized the threat of the “spread” of bioweapons specialists and strains of the “war virus” from the post-USSR to a Third World country serious enough to oppose it. So the program of the US Department of Defense came about, about which Russian propagandists and their repeaters in Ukraine are inspired to lie.

The essence of the program is as simple as a door: to provide local ex-bioweapons specialists with equipment and tools for their research, in exchange for they will deal with completely peaceful issues, but representatives of sponsors, that is, the US military, will observe their activities. This is exactly the same disarmament and conversion program as similar nuclear and chemical weapons programs implemented by the States throughout the CIS. The essence of these programs can be very simply and cynically presented as follows: the United States pays for dangerous specialists to sit at home under supervision and conduct safe peaceful experiments, and not go “to work” at the invitation of Islamists, drug lords or communists to countries hostile to the West. And of course, an important condition for the provision of funds was that dangerous “toys” – nuclear materials, toxins,

And so a network of laboratories came up that the Russian supporters call “American.” In fact, all these laboratories belong and always belonged to Ukraine, some of them are even institutions of the Ministry of Health (based on two scientific institutes and the rest on the basis of SES – therefore, the “secret” laboratories are in fact related to ordinary sanitary and epidemiological stations), another part – food service institutions (veterinary laboratories). They are neither military, nor even just “regime” objects, they are absolutely open civilian institutions, I will say more – when I was acting I asked the director of the “terrible” Odessa “Anti-Chum” several times at least to provide the institute with state police protection, but it was “not allowed”, so I was forced to hire grandfather-watchmen as part of a short budget.

But what about the American military? And they gave money to equip the laboratories, to a large extent they even equipped them, then they financed their maintenance for a couple of years. According to the interstate agreement, Ukraine for three years had to take on the further financing of a valuable gift, but it turned out something like the “homeless” who was presented with the “Porsche” – he rode until gas ran out in the tank, and then abandoned an expensive car rust, because there is nothing to contain it. That is precisely the fate of all the “American” laboratories in Ukraine – only because they are not American, but donated by the States to us. All Americans can do now is to throw tiny micro grants from time to time to be able to at least control the safety of strains of dangerous pathogens.

And purely theoretically, was it possible to produce biological weapons in these laboratories? So the Americans worked on this most of all, so that with all the desire none of the staff would have such an opportunity. Laboratories have a complete “mincemeat” for diagnosis, but precisely for diagnosis – it was physically impossible to carry out any manipulations with viruses or bacteria, besides identifying them from brought samples and “archiving” the strain collection there. Not one of these laboratories can afford to genetically modify, but even reproduce in a more or less noticeable amount, and it was on this that the US Department of Defense experts worked so carefully that it even annoyed me as a biologist when I was a “plague director “- I have not encountered such severe restrictions in any of the university laboratories.

But whoever pays, he orders music, and American “music” came down to this “motive” – not a single chance for double use of laboratories and strains … With the collection of strains, by the way, there is a different story – from the very beginning of the program, the American side tried to reduce the quantity from Ukraine strain collections and the creation of a single centralized storage location. I didn’t achieve it, because competition between our institutes prevented this, but, as far as I know, such plans are still being discussed, and meanwhile American inspectors are forced to break, regularly checking the three main collections of human pathogens and a couple of veterinary collections of animal pathogens. And here it’s not that there is nothing secret tserushny, but rather the opposite:

Is it difficult to find out about everything that I have outlined here? Pretty simple, just ask. But no, the Plus journalists didn’t just try to figure out the origin of the Muscovite fake and compare the legend of Kremlin propaganda with reality. On the contrary, it is obvious from the report that the authors, in fact, having access to real information, all quite deliberately twisted and lied. Yes, they had at their disposal the answer of the US Embassy, ​​from which they deliberately chose only one (!) Line, which with a huge stretch of the word and out of context can be interpreted as “recognition” (although also not convincingly), and deliberately ignored the whole following text.

It is not difficult to find experts in biosafety, bacteriology and virology in the country, but despite this, the only “expert” is the well-known pro-Kremlin political scientist. They did not even check the legal status and affiliation of the laboratories, not to mention everything else. In general, we have such a typical Russian fake report that there’s simply nowhere to put a stamp on. There isn’t even anything to comment professionally, except that you need a legal consultation – because either I don’t understand something, or this “report” is a criminal offense: a knowingly false report of a serious offense.

So, put off virology and bacteriology aside, everything is simple and clear with them. Now the question is – what does the transition of “Pros” from veiled manipulations to outright broadcast of very “clumsy” arrogant fakes made in Moscow mean?

It seems that the owner of Plus has crossed the line beyond which there is only a path under the influence of Russia. It seems that in the West, Mr. Kolomoisky was already so longing for a prison that most likely only Russian occupation of our country could save him from deportation. It also seems that Russia has set its own conditions – to work out the “sin” of Kolomoisky temporary alliance with Ukrainian patriots in 2014. And the oligarch, driven into a dead end, makes his last attempt to avoid crime for mega-scale financial crimes – he throws his entire media resource to “drain” Ukraine under the Russian Federation.

From this moment it becomes clear: “Pros” is another tool of information aggression against us and our country. The betrayal has already happened, now the “Pluses” and their owner have finally taken their place in the enemy ranks, along with Medvechuk and the Medvechuk media empire. Now, every word that sounds from the Plus screen should be perceived as potential hostile propaganda, and the level of confidence in the channel is now equal to the credibility of the “LDN Press Service”. Caution: infected and very dangerous. The hybrid war virus is a very scary infection. But at least we are already warned, and we must take measures of information hygiene. Full “quarantine” of “Pluses” is now the smallest thing that we can and must do. Such a “bacteriology” …


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