The second person found in the world whose immunity coped with HIV

(ORDO NEWS) – Specialists from Massachusetts have found the second person in the whole world who managed to completely recover from HIV without using any antiviral drugs. Also, the patient did not receive a bone marrow transplant.

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In a new study, scientists described a case that happened to a US citizen. They named her Esperanza. The woman’s immunity was incomprehensibly able to completely defeat HIV. Experts are very hopeful that the disease can still be cured.

Specialists from several different institutions have been studying patients with HIV for many years. A group of these people are called “elite controllers”. The peculiarity of patients is that the immune system independently controls the disease without the use of special antiretroviral treatment and appropriate therapy.

Most of the people with HIV need to undergo therapy on an ongoing basis. This helps to slightly slow down the multiplication of the virus and the destruction of immune cells. If such therapy is absent, then a condition such as AIDS will soon begin to develop.

Therapy allows you to make a person not infectious to others, but the virus is not completely destroyed and continues to be present in the body. If its resistance to drugs develops or treatment is not performed for a long time, then the disease begins to progress again. At the same time, “elite controllers” do not require any therapy, because their bodies are able to independently maintain the viral load at the lowest possible level.

A patient from San Francisco completely destroyed the disease and scientists could not find even a trace of HIV in the cells of her body. The uniqueness of the case also lies in the fact that the woman had not previously used any treatment at all.


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