The second outbreak in China caused a new strain of coronavirus, which is much more dangerous than Wuhan

(ORDO NEWS) — It is known that Covid-19 returned to its homeland: China in the northeast again introduced quarantine measures. Everyone believed that they were dealing with an already familiar disease, but as it turned out, this time the virus is significantly different.

Other symptoms appear in patients, and the pathogen remains in the body longer than usual.

The virus mutates incredibly fast. Chinese doctors are sure that a new wave of the disease was provoked by visitors from Russia. Recall that information about the strain in Jilin Province came on May 20 from Bloomberg.

This time, the lungs were affected in patients, while the “Wuhan” virus affected the kidneys, heart and intestines. The worst thing is that the incubation period has increased. A person may already be a carrier of infection and not even suspect it.

Now 100 million people are in quarantine. Studies were conducted that showed that visitors from Russia and new sick residents of China have the same strain. This means that the theory of doctors has the right to life.

At the moment, about 34 new infected. The authorities reacted quickly to prevent a new large-scale outbreak. People are forbidden to go out in pairs. Only once every couple of days can one person go for groceries. Public transport is again canceled, schools are closed.

So far, little is known about the new type of coronavirus. Scientists only note that mutations occur at a crazy speed. Because of this, it is difficult to say whether it will be possible to develop an effective vaccine.

Maybe people will not get a tool that can protect them from a new strain. Now new studies are being conducted, it is too early to talk about the “complete unrecognizability” of the virus.


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