The second asteroid crashed into Jupiter in two months

(ORDO NEWS) – Asteroids fall further to the surface of Jupiter, which leads to fairly bright flares. This allows in some cases to record unusual events. Astronomers have noticed two collisions with asteroids in the past two months. As a rule, experts record only one fall per year.

This is reported by Space.

At the same time, the collision of a cosmic body with Jupiter is much easier to see than with some other planets. It has a very strong gravity, which attracts space rocks much more often, so the probability of collision is several times higher than in the case of small planets. The latest collision was recorded by Ko Arimatsu, who works at Kyoto University in Japan.

The astronomer noted that he was extremely surprised by what he saw and thought at first that he was mistaken. But 28 hours after the collision, the Juno spacecraft flew over this region of Jupiter. He took a picture from a height of about 2 thousand kilometers and confirmed that it was indeed an asteroid impact.

Scientists believe that this time it was a small object with a diameter of only a few tens of meters. Therefore, in the atmosphere of Jupiter, there are no too noticeable traces left.

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