The ritual of the wedding night, adopted in the bride’s family, horrified the groom

(ORDO NEWS) — The man was horrified by the old ritual adopted by the bride’s family, which he learned about in preparation for the wedding. He shared his story on the Reddit portal.

The user of the platform wrote that he was going to marry his girlfriend. She has a large and caring family with whom he gets along well.

The bride and groom are 23 years old. The couple planned the ceremony in early 2021, but during preparations for the wedding, the man noticed that his girlfriend’s cousins ​​were joking about their wedding night. It seemed strange to him.

When they were planning their honeymoon, the bride suggested instead of traveling to stay at her parents’ house. Feeling that the girl was not saying something, he asked why she offered to stay with her relatives. She replied that her family has an old tradition of wedding night.

“The bride and groom go into the bedroom together, where they must“ consummate ”the marriage. The remaining family members are waiting outside the door to applaud and be happy for them when the bride and groom leave. Then part of the sheet is cut off and sewn to a large carpet, which is kept by the mother of the bride,” the author of the post explained.

Realizing that her lover was embarrassed, the bride said that they can simply pretend that they are observing the tradition. “I do not want to have anything to do with this. I got enraged and told her that under no circumstances would I do this in front of her whole family,” Reddit said.

Later, the man received a message from the future mother-in-law. The woman wrote that he still does not understand the importance of family traditions, and that this custom exists longer than he lives in the world.

Reddit users advised the author to remain unconvinced. “Tell them you will do it, but in return, demand a hundred heads of cattle, a white stallion and a tract of arable land,” one of them wrote. “God, family sex blanket?” I hope that it performs only a decorative function, and the grandmother does not sleep on it,” said another.


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