The richest people in the world became richer during the pandemic

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — At a time when the whole world is doing everything possible to cope with a serious enough economic crisis, the richest people on the planet continue to earn huge sums of money.

Over the past couple of months alone, they have earned more than $ 255 billion, and this is when most ordinary citizens are left without work and have no idea where to get the funds for the most necessary.

Mark Zuckerberg managed to earn the most. During the pandemic, he increased his capital by more than $ 31 billion. Today, he has at his disposal property that was valued at 86.5 billion dollars.

Such a huge sum was brought to him by the popular social network Facebook, whose share prices increased sharply with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Their price has increased by about 60%. Due to this, Zuckerberg managed to rise in the list of the richest people on the planet from seventh to fourth place.

Other billionaires also made good money, given the results that Forbes provided.

The second largest amount of money earned during the pandemic is Jeff Bezos, who is not only the founder, but also the CEO of Amazon. The shares of the online retailer, which belong to him, continue to grow in price with incredible speed and have already broken all possible records.

The reason for this is that ordinary stores were closed due to quarantine, and people still need to shop somewhere. His condition during the pandemic has increased by almost $ 30 billion and today amounts to almost 147 billion.

In principle, other billionaires, who were among the ten richest people on our planet, were able to increase their wealth, while others were left without a livelihood. But everyone else earned an average of 10-15 billion, unlike the first two leaders. And for sure, this is far from the limit and by the end of the pandemic and the exit from the economic crisis, these amounts will have time to increase by several times.


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