The revolutionary discovery of a lost civilization confirms the Bible’s veracity

(ORDO NEWS) — The Bible is not only a source of wisdom, but also a book that accurately describes ancient civilizations. So, the clay tablets found by the archaeologist Hugo Wikler helped to shed light on the Hittite civilization, which found a place in the Holy Scriptures.

The Hittites are an Indo-European people of the Bronze Age who lived in Asia Minor. The empire existed for hundreds of years, some information about it is present in the European and Christian Bibles. The people occupied part of the Anatolia peninsula in the 18th century. BC e. His state extended to Syria and the shores of the Mediterranean.

The discovery of the Hittite civilization proves once again that the Bible can still be regarded as a source of historical information. Hittites are mentioned more than 50 times in the Old Testament. They were given a special role, but historians doubted the existence of this people. Now there is no doubt.

Clay tablets have revealed some facts. So, the capital of an ancient civilization was the Czech city of Bogazkale (formerly Hattus). The Hittite language was Indo-European, in 1917 scholars published the grammar of the ancient people. Some tablets served as legal documents regulating relations between countries.


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