The retired woman returned the ring she lost half a century ago

(ORDO NEWS) — Scotland’s 86-year-old Peggy Maxwin lost her wedding ring in 1970. It returned to the woman only 50 years later.

Peggy lives on Benbecula Island. Half a century ago, she was digging potatoes near her house and that’s when she lost her ring. She noticed the disappearance only after completing the work completely.

She said that she shook out the sand that got into the gloves and the ring fell off her finger. The woman entered the house and noticed that he was gone. She repeatedly tried to find a piece of jewelry, but nothing came of it.

Some time ago, Peggy shared the story of the disappearance of the ring with her neighbor Donald McPhee. The man was well aware that it was almost impossible to find a small piece of jewelry after so many years, but still decided to try and please his neighbor.

Donald used a metal detector and carefully examined the area Peggy had shown. During all this time, he dug 90 holes of different sizes, but still he was able to find an old ring.

The woman said that a neighbor approached the door and said that he had something for her. It was her old wedding ring. The pensioner could not contain her emotions and immediately burst into tears when she saw a long-lost find. Peggy’s spouse would also have been delighted with such an event, but, unfortunately, he died a couple of years ago.

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