The researcher told what actually happened at the Dyatlov pass

(ORDO NEWS) — Andrey Shepelev expressed another version of the death of the Dyatlov group in 1959 in the Northern Urals. It is worth noting that after the tragedy, it was not possible to find out the true reasons for the incident.

The Samara researcher suggested that the explosion of a sufficiently large photo-illuminating bomb could have caused the death. It could have been dropped by the Americans from a reconnaissance plane at that moment.

Shepelev for a long time has been studying the documents of the American intelligence services, which have only recently been declassified. He managed to find out that the United States is directly related to the tragedy. In 1959, a huge number of reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the United States flew over the Northern Urals.

The Americans were trying to find Soviet bases with ballistic missiles, which were rumored to be located in this region. Shepelev believes that the Americans could have dropped a photo-illuminating bomb, which exploded either next to Dyatlov’s group, or provoked their death with a “striking effect.”

Then nine tourists died. Official sources indicate that most of the people simply froze to death, but some of them were seriously injured. Such a moment may indicate the presence of other causes of death of tourists.


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