The remains of a giant bat found in an Argentine cave

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(ORDO NEWS) — Experts accidentally discovered a jawbone that belonged to a giant vampire bat. This species of Desmodus draculae has become extinct for a long time. Such a find will help scientists learn more about such an interesting species of bats, as well as establish a more accurate reason for their extinction.

Reported by Sciencealert.

The first bats appeared about 50 million years ago and today there are a huge number of different species. During the entire period of excavation, scientists have rarely found fossils of these animals, especially vampire mice. Mariano Magnussen added that this species is of particular interest after many legends about Count Dracula have appeared.

Experts said that in fact these animals are quite peaceful. They feed on the blood of animals, in rare cases of humans. The only dangerous point is that they carry a variety of diseases.

To date, science knows only three species of bats that prefer the blood of other creatures. They live in South and Central America. In Argentina, the remains of vampire bats are extremely rare. It is worth noting that scientists have found remains that have not yet had time to become fossils. This may indicate that D. Draculae disappeared no more than a couple of centuries ago.


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