The reasons for the problems with charging smartphones

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(ORDO NEWS) — Arseniy Shcheltsin, General Director of ANO Digital Platforms, named the reasons for situations in which Russians may face a problem when charging smartphones’ batteries. The agency “Prime” writes about it.

In cases where the smartphone stops charging to the end and stops the process at 70-80 percent, the probable cause of the problem may be associated with both a defect in the gadget itself and with the operating system. The owner of the phone can independently recognize the cause, but specialists must eliminate it, the expert noted.

The most popular reason why the smartphone does not charge, Shchelkin called wire breakage. Moreover, he drew attention to the fact that the same wire can charge one gadget, but not charge another. The expert connects this with the fact that the first device has enough existing contacts, and the second lacks the one that was just broken.

The second popular reason for gadget charging failure is a damaged charging port. Sometimes the smartphone stops charging due to battery problems. This can be understood if the phone charges slowly but loses power quickly.

Shchelkin named operating system problems, viruses and other rare failures as less popular reasons . You can fix the situation by updating the operating system or by resetting all gadget settings. The main thing, the expert stressed, after repeating the problem with the charge, it must be quickly resolved so that it does not interfere with work and communication.

Therefore, it is necessary to contact a repair shop, where professionals can find the cause of the problem and solve it.

Earlier, expert Vladimir Gritsenko dispelled the myth that a full charge to 100 percent and a decrease in the charge level to zero percent are useful for smartphones. According to him, in this case, a significant loss of battery capacity will occur after 300-500 cycles.


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