The reason for the growth of asymptomatic patients with coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese and American experts have studied the question of why the number of patients with coronavirus without symptoms is growing steadily. According to some conclusions, the absence of symptoms may be due to the body’s tolerance to the virus, and not to strong immunity.

In simpler terms, the body does not see a danger in the coronavirus, therefore it does not perceive it as a foreign body. As a result, inflammatory and defense processes are not triggered. The virus itself can be in the body for a long time, and a person can be a spread of the disease.

Scientists from the College of Pulmonary Medicine and Reanimation of the Chinese General Hospital have had three cases where patients were definitely infected, but outwardly this did not appear. The presence of the virus was confirmed by a PCR test.

The virus in the body of patients aged 50-60 years persisted for 50 days. The presence of diabetes mellitus and hypertension did not affect the patients in any way, they had normal health.

American immunologists, as well as Chinese, spoke about the possible tolerance of the coronavirus. The latter believe that the absence of a response occurs when the body cannot defeat the virus, and the virus cannot defeat the immune system.

Of course, theories about tolerance require confirmation. Scientists have not yet undertaken to assert anything. The situation can be similar to that of tuberculosis, where it takes the “ideal” amount of inflammation to be able to control the virus and keep the lungs intact.


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