The reason for the death of tourists at the Dyatlov pass in 1959

(ORDO NEWS) — In 1959, Dyatlov’s group, consisting of students, died in the Urals. To this day, many things remain a mystery. Engineers from Switzerland have found confirmation of the theory, which was previously rejected.

According to the next conclusions, death occurred as a result of an avalanche. Earlier, these conclusions were criticized, since there was a gentle slope in the mountains, there were no traces of snow melting, and there were also uncharacteristic injuries in the victims.

As a result of modeling the conditions of that time, it was found that the avalanche had an unusual “mechanism”, but it was all the same. It was provoked by a strong wind directly over the camp of students. Wind currents pushed snow onto the snow slab, which eventually slid away.

The injuries to people were, perhaps, minor, but the cold doomed everyone to death. Dyatlov’s group died from hypothermia. Some theories speak of an attack by locals or prisoners, as strange injuries were found on body parts.


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