The reason for the appearance of strange lines at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have been able to establish the cause of the appearance of the mysterious lines previously discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, in an area located near North Carolina. In appearance, the lines are similar to the geoglyphs that are on the Nazca plateau.

Reported by Nature Communications.

The study made it possible to establish that the lines were formed under the influence of natural factors. They were left behind by icebergs that floated off the east coast of the United States for a very long time. Experts said that blocks of ice floated in this part of the ocean about 30 thousand years ago.

The experts carefully studied the high-resolution photos of the seabed. They found about 700 tracks left by icebergs, which are located at a depth of 380 meters. In order to understand why the blocks of ice were so far away, they began to study additional sediment samples collected from the seabed.

Such a study yielded very interesting results that surprised many scientists. Icebergs sailed south against the Gulf Stream. Most likely, they swam behind a very powerful stream of icy water, which provoked a short-term change in the circulation of currents in the ocean. In addition, thanks to the ice current, the boulders were able to swim a decent distance and even reached subtropical regions. As a result of such a long journey, mysterious lines were formed at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.


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