The reality of human existence is called into question

(ORDO NEWS) — Another scientific theory has appeared on the Web that the reality of humanity can be just the result of computer calculations. The probability that we are generated by someone or something is the same as the fact that we live in the real world.

According to scientific findings, we can live in a world simulated by a super-powerful computer belonging to an advanced civilization. This was stated by astronomer David Kipping of Columbia University in the United States. The results of the study were published on the website of the Interdisciplinary Institute for Digital Publications. The theory is based on the opinion of the British philosopher Nick Bostrom dating back to 2003. So, all people can be only virtual beings. The theory is confirmed if at least one of the following statements is false:

  • people die out before they acquire the skills to create such a simulation;
  • upon reaching a high level of development, when people are able to create their own simulation, there is no desire to model their own past;
  • the probability of living in the simulation tends to unity.

Through the use of various methods for calculating the probability, Kipping concluded that physical existence and simulation is possible when there is a basic reality augmented by simulation. Two versions were given “prior probabilities” using the principle of indifference and an appeal to Bayesian logic. As a result, the likelihood of living in a world simulated by someone is as high as living in the real world.

It should be noted that netizens are skeptical about such statements. That which cannot be verified in any way remains a hypothesis and is quickly forgotten. Everyone decides for himself whether to take into account the findings of David Kipping or not.


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