The radio signal fixed from space has puzzled astronomers

(ORDO NEWS) — The signal from deep space FRB 20180916B, which repeats every 16.35 days, puzzled scientists. They have been trying for a long time to find out its origin and explain the arising cyclicality.

Reported by Nature.

New radio observations have shown quite an interesting result. Previously, it was believed that the signal cyclicity could arise as a result of the interaction between two stars, which rotate at a short distance from each other. The models created have shown that such binaries have nothing to do with fast radio bursts.

FRB 20180916B repeats cyclically, which makes it truly unique. With its help, scientists can obtain additional information about such mysterious cosmic phenomena. Pastor-Marazuela and his colleagues used two powerful telescopes to observe the FRB.

After analyzing the results, they noticed redder and longer waves, which may indicate that the binary winds are not involved in the process and they are completely blocked. Last year, experts suggested that just one object could be causing the radio burst to be cyclical. It could be a rotating pulsar or a magnetar.

Fast radio bursts are one of the most mysterious phenomena in space. They are very short, but at the same time have a fairly high power rating. In just a millisecond, such a signal emits a lot of energy, the amount of which is equal to that which can release 500 million suns. Most of the sources of such radio bursts are recorded by specialists only once. That is why they are difficult to study, because they are very unpredictable.


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