The radiation level in Chernobyl jumped thousands of times

(ORDO NEWS) — On November 25, environmental activists presented data that the level of radiation pollution suddenly increased in the area of ​​the exclusion zone. The indicators have excelled hundreds and even thousands of times. No one knows exactly what the changes are related to.

Measurements took place on 17.11 in different settlements. In the already deserted village of Stechanka at 10:55 am, the radiation was 117,000 WIP / hour. Several such high increases were recorded per day.

In the village of Gornostaypol (Vyshgorodsky District), where 1100 people live, the radiation exposure reached 87,620 WIP / hour, although before that the figure did not exceed 100 WIP / hour. The excess is 876 times.

On November 17-18, the radiation increased to 124,000 WIP / hour near the spent nuclear fuel ISF-2. Previously, the number was not more than 210 WIP / hour. An increase of 600 times occurred.

On the 18th, at the Otvodyaschiy Kanal station, indicators of 62,400 WIP / hour were obtained, which is three hundred times more than usual values. On November 19, the stations Zalesye, Zapolye and Cherevach were explored, where the increase was up to 3500 PNZ / hour.

It is known that on the 18th the spent nuclear fuel was transferred to the newly built ISF-2 storage facility for the first time. It will be stored there for a hundred years. The work was carried out by specialists from the ChNPP. It is believed that the jump in radiation was associated precisely with the overload of the material, however, experts noted that this was excluded.

It is strange that the background radiation has undergone serious changes periodically and dramatically. It seems as if someone was transporting a dangerous radioactive cargo.

Despite the completion of the work, the races did not stop. They can be tracked on an interactive map. What is the reason for their appearance, no one can say for sure.


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