The priest accused demons of sending SMS

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(ORDO NEWS) — Modern demons are keeping pace with technology and have adopted the use of mobile phones to send messages to their victims in order to get their souls. This opinion was expressed by 70-year-old priest, exorcist and psychologist Stephen Joseph Rossetti, according to the Daily Record.

According to the specialist, the evil spirits go to such tricks in order to torment their defenseless victims, their families and priests who are trying to save them.

“We had three cases when demons wrote SMS to several people or the family of a possessed person. Two of them were the most difficult in our career, and the third concerned a pious family with representatives of religious professions,” he said in an interview with the publication.

“This suggests that they require significant spiritual ‘energy’ to manipulate such objects in the physical world,” added the priest, who, along with his team, performs up to 20 exorcisms a week in Washington, DC.

So, according to Rossetti, in one message that he had to face, it was said: “Her agony begins now, priest. All night. We will make her bleed.”

On the phone of another victim, they found a message with the following content: ” We are glad that she is far from you, priest.”

According to the specialist who wrote the book “The American Exorcist’s Diary” about his difficult work, demons have long been actively using technology, which began with flashing lights and frightening signals on television.


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