The possible reason for the divorce of Melinda and Bill Gates

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(ORDO NEWS) — Insiders report that Melinda Gates was thinking about divorcing Bill Gates back in 2019. The reason for this was the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal. The billionaire’s wife was worried about Bill’s possible involvement in Jeffrey’s affairs.

Jeffrey Epstein was accused of sex trafficking in minors.

Reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Even then, the woman sought advice from several prestigious law firms. She was interested in the nuances of the divorce proceedings. She also applied for separation from her spouse by then.

The Gates couple first met Epstein in 2013 in New York. Melinda immediately did not like Geoffrey, and in every possible way she avoided contact with him. Her husband kept in touch with the scandalous financier.

In 2019, The New-York Times published an article about Bill’s relationship with Epstein, the sex trade and the “island of comfort.” Gates commented rather dryly on his relationship with Epshetin. He did not consider Jeffrey a friend, comrade or partner, but said that they had common “male interests.”

After Epstein was taken into custody, he was later found dead in his cell. Whether there will be an investigation into this case over Bill Gates is not yet clear.


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