The physicist told whether it is possible to stop time

(ORDO NEWS) — Can you stop time? Any physicist will tell you that time is just a physical quantity. This is a shortcut that only indicates that something is happening. This explains the meaning of the term theoretical physicist from the California Institute of Technology Sean Carroll. It is reported by Live Science.

In a large number of physical equations, there are no markers of the past, present or future tense. It is simply measured in hours, seconds, minutes. Time is more intertwined with space, this concept is at the heart of the universe.

Moreover, the theory of relativity shows how much time can fluctuate depending on how fast / slow the observers move relative to each other.

For example, let’s say you sent a man with a watch to a spaceship. The ship travels at the speed of light. The person who will observe the spacecraft from the Earth will feel the time more slowly. For a passenger on a ship, it will be much faster.

Sean Carroll said that theoretically, it is impossible to play with time like in science fiction films or stop it. Although people sometimes think that time stands still. This phenomenon is called “chronostasis”. During chronostasis, a person moves the watch to the edge of the field of view and abruptly looks away at something else. Then, when you switch your vision to the watch again and try to focus on the second hand, it seems that it has stopped for a while.


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