The phenomenon of chronomyrage: guests from other times

(ORDO NEWS) — The time machine, about the unreality of the embodiment of which so much has been said, actually has existed for a long time. Such a paradoxical conclusion can be drawn after talking with some researchers and “collectors of facts”.

We are talking about the so-called chronomirages. Not only individual lucky ones, but also whole groups of people became witnesses of this phenomenon. Almost everyone is familiar with the art of nature called “mirage”. Well, of course: tempting green oases, lakes that suddenly appear before the eyes of travelers in the middle of a lifeless desert! ..

How much has been written about this in adventure books! And the word itself even became a household name. Chronemics, although they are close relatives of ordinary mirages, “treat” eyewitnesses to more amazing pictures.

What did the marshal see?

The natural phenomenon of fata morgana, or mirage, scientists have already thoroughly studied, summed up the theoretical basis. Such a vision is a projection of a currently existing object, which is provided by certain processes occurring in the atmosphere.

However, many cases with a more complex space-time structure have been recorded: one or several people witness a mirage, the images of which reflect events related to the past or to the future. Information about such phenomena, recorded in different parts of the planet, periodically flashes in the media, you can find references to similar cases in historical chronicles.

In 1934, the future Marshal of the British Royal Armed Forces, Victor Goddard, found himself in a difficult situation during his next flight in his combat vehicle. He lost his bearings and had to wander for a long time in search of at least some clue.

Suddenly, the pilot noticed below the well-known to him, long-abandoned airfield Drem. But he looked unusual: instead of a field overgrown with grass and a couple of collapsed hangars, Goddard saw a brand new runway, figures of mechanics who were busy with some strange yellow planes …

The future commander eventually took advantage of the landmark and flew safely to his base. But the picture he saw for a long time remained a mystery to him. Only four years later, Goddard realized that on that day he had seen a time-mirage – a picture from the future: after all, in 1938, due to the threat of war, the desolate airfield Drem was modernized, a new concrete strip was built there and a pilot school was opened, painting all training aircraft in yellow.

This is exactly what Goddard noticed during his flight. In 1995, a US pilot took off from a base in northern Florida. Soon some ancient land appeared under the wing of his plane, and the pilot watched from above … the hunt of primitive people for mammoths! And his colleague, the Englishman Gregory Stone, in 1986, performing the next flight mission, suddenly discovered that he was … above Ancient Egypt.

He saw below a mass of slaves and a pyramid under construction. Judging by the information collected, aviators are more likely to witness chronomirages than others. However, such surprises of nature are available not only to the conquerors of the sky, but also to ordinary mortals.

Here’s a story from Michigan newspaper columnist Laura Jean Daniels. Returning from work late at night, she gazed at the big moon, and when she turned her gaze to the street, she did not recognize her. The area has become completely unfamiliar. Instead of asphalt, the road was covered with cobblestones. Houses disappeared somewhere, and only a hut under a thatched roof could be seen.

Near the house, Laura saw a man and a woman – their clothes were very old-fashioned. The dog barked. She ran to a passer-by … and suddenly trembled with fear. Laura turned her gaze to the other side – and at the same moment again found herself on the familiar street. Electric lights were on, there was asphalt underfoot …

And this event is already from ours, Russian. At the end of August 1990, two fishermen, residents of the Rostov region Vitaly Pecherei and Sergei Soborov, went to the lake near the village of Olginskaya. Suddenly, the guys noticed a suspicious movement in the thick reeds on the opposite shore of the bay and went to check what was happening there.

Imagine their surprise when, having reached these thickets and looking around, they saw … themselves, sitting in the same place and looking around warily! Thus, the fishermen observed events of both the past and the future, connected directly with themselves.

Memory field

But now let’s arrange, as it is written in the famous novel, an exposure session! Is there an explanation for these phenomena?

One of the hypotheses was expressed by the famous science fiction writer Ivan Efremov. In his story “The Shadow of the Past,” he described the events associated with the chronomyrage. Paleontologists, conducting excavations at the site of the mass death of dinosaurs, have discovered a vertical layer of fossilized fossil resin with a mirror surface – a kind of light-sensitive plate created by nature, on which a “portrait” of a fossil reptile was accidentally captured.

Thanks to this, paleontologists saw chronomirages – a “photograph” of a huge tyrannosaurus against the background of prehistoric vegetation … This is perhaps the most materialistic explanation of the chronomirages phenomenon. Although in reality it has not yet been possible to find such “cameras” created by nature many centuries ago, from the point of view of classical physics, Efremov’s version is quite correct.

Another thing is that in many cases the chronomirages observed by people do not fit into the framework of an elementary physical explanation of this phenomenon. NASA employee Richard Larson has collected 287 testimonies of pilots who, thanks to chrono-mirage, unexpectedly fell into the past. There is no reason to question absolutely all testimony of this kind.

Pilots may well see pictures of the past, when their consciousness “freezes” for some reason due to overload or oxygen starvation during flights. It is very possible that the events that they suddenly observed under the wing of their planes, in fact, once took place in the same place.

When we are dealing with information about anomalous phenomena, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish fiction from reality. Of course, some of the authors of such sensations embellish what happened, giving free rein to their imaginations. Some even come up with new “facts”. But such incidents and pseudo-incidents do not at all exclude the presence of a real phenomenon of chronomirages. One of the most common theories among those studying this phenomenon associates the occurrence of chronomirages with the so-called field memory.

Proponents of this theory argue that all events that have ever occurred on the planet were “recorded” and left their mark on the noosphere – the sphere of interaction between society and nature, the existence of which was spoken about by our famous scientist Academician Vernadsky. Sometimes the concept of an energy-informational field is also used, to which, supposedly, some of us are able, against our will, to connect and read information.

We are talking about people who are naturally hypersensitive. I understand that such statements may be skeptically perceived by some readers of the newspaper, but nevertheless … There is an assumption that the souls of the dead are able, with the help of their retained consciousness, to recreate a reality well known to them from earthly life in a certain energy field.

And some of the representatives of subsequent generations – the very same supersensitive ones – have the ability to read this “imprinted reality”. This is exactly the situation that arose in the mentioned case with the American Laura Daniels. It is quite possible that her distant ancestors were present in the chronomyage she saw …

Most likely, energy plays a very important role here. Events that are most likely to later become a “picture” of chronomirages are, as a rule, associated with strong emotional outbursts of their participants: it can be fear, joy, rage … military events – duels, battles …

It should also be noted that certain conditions are required for projection of chronomirages. For example, an increased level of humidity in the atmosphere, as well as the presence of active air or water eddies, seems to be very important. Often such temporary illusions arise when a strong rain front approaches, in the fog …

It has been noticed that the favorite places of chronomirages are steeply curved banks of reservoirs, mountainous terrain. In addition, at times, to see a picture from the past, you need some kind of sudden push. Here is a case that happened in the Moscow region. Alexey Ivanovich Maslov and his little daughter Dasha went mushroom picking and in the forest they stumbled upon a shell from the war.

Maslov had experience in handling such explosive objects – he took out the detonator, thereby neutralizing the ammunition. While they were waiting for the train on a deserted platform, Aleksey Ivanovich suddenly recalled boyish pranks from his wartime childhood: he took a fragment of a brick and hit the removed detonator.

However, the man did not feel either the blast pop or the gust of air. But suddenly I saw myself in some other world. There was impassable mud all around, the skeletons of burnt buildings could be seen, somewhere far away a cannonade was rumbled … It was the same place, but during the war! In a matter of seconds Maslov again felt himself in the same situation. It is amazing that the girl saw the same military picture in those moments …

There are many supporters of the theory of “time lapses”, according to which, the appearance of a chronomire is the result of the fact that the person observing it has fallen into a “time slot”. Among the facts I have collected, there is evidence of cases when planes, ships, trains, together with crews, machinists and passengers fell through the “time slot” …

For example, on July 12, 1983, the dry cargo ship Milena suddenly disappeared into the Indian Ocean and was discovered only after quite a long time. The crew members said that the ship was caught in a severe storm, and then a “prehistoric” wooden sailing ship with pirates on board tried to board it … Only shooting at the attackers from a Thompson submachine gun forced the attackers to retreat.

It is curious that, judging by the stories of the Milena’s crew, one of the pirates was killed during the battle, but his corpse somehow mysteriously disappeared from the ship’s refrigerator, where he was placed … When the radio operator managed to get in touch with the port of departure – Bombay, to report what had happened, what he heard amazed the crew of the bulk carrier. It turned out that it was not July, but the end of October, they had been looking for Milena for many weeks, but could not find …

It turns out that this ship also miraculously fell into the “time gap”, and the ship spent several months in the distant past. But it seemed to everyone on board that only less than an hour had passed … Through the “gap of time” can you only “fall through” into the past years or is there a chance to step into the future?

There are reports that this or that person was not in the past, but in the future. For example, an English monograph on communication theory mentions a paradoxical episode recorded in one of the monastic chronicles. A certain monk walked to a nearby monastery through a deep gorge.

At that moment, when he crossed the bottom of the gorge, everything around him changed. Under his feet, he saw two iron bars, along which a metal monster, shrouded in smoke, rushed straight at him. The monk lost consciousness from fear, and when he regained consciousness, the vision had already disappeared … Only many years later, a railroad track was laid along the bottom of this gorge and the first steam locomotives were launched.

And here is what is recorded in the old chronicle of a Scottish castle. The priest was called here to confess the dying master. Passing through the fireplace room, accompanied by a servant, the holy father unexpectedly saw there a red-haired woman in a very revealing dress, carefully looking at the wall of a glass box, along which figures of people were moving.

The stranger did not even look at the priest and servant passing by, as if they were not there. Much later, already in 1979, the new owner of the castle installed a TV in the fireplace room for the first time. And his wife was red-haired … Probably, it was her that the priest saw.

An interesting case relating to the period of the Great Patriotic War. In the winter of 1942, six partisans were tasked with capturing a German officer with documents and for this they set up an ambush on the Minsk highway. The darkness thickened quickly, but for some reason it suddenly brightened. The partisans saw that an incomprehensible light tunnel had formed over the highway and cars of an unusual kind rolled out of it completely soundlessly – squat, with large windows …

Then a bus appeared, also unusual – more like a glazed box. And after him a “licked” white car with the words “ambulance” rushed … This strange phenomenon lasted 3-4 minutes. One of the eyewitnesses, A. Korotkevich, later said that 30 years later, when buses “Ikarus” and twenty-fourth “Volga” vans, equipped for transporting patients, appeared on the roads, he recognized them as that bus and that ambulance, which I saw back in 1942.

By the way, the partisans did not wait for Hitler’s officer then. But, perhaps, it was the tense expectation (a special psycho-emotional state associated with a risk to life) that contributed to the appearance of a picture from the future in front of their eyes.


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